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I'm the Bangladeshi Blogger Masuk Alam Noton (Bengali: মাসুক আলম নোটন). also I'm Journalist, Traveler, Drummer, Programmer, Ex Cycle Stunter, also Co-Founder of Eyonaa. Which is the social site of Bangladesh. I wrote many blogs and article in online. I'm the famous blogger for them, who continuously read my blogs. I have started writing blogs from 2015, inspired by many online famous bloggers. I love to travel. I visited many countries. I also make blogs from the places which I have visited, in order to help the people who hasn't visited those place.

I also love Drums. My inspiration is Lamb Of God Music Band and I also follow many Metal Bands. I have covered their Drumming Videos. I also make my drumming videos to teach people how to drumming. I have uploaded my videos in my Personal Web Site and YouTube.

I have also done by-cycle stunts. I have stared it from 2013. I have inspired from one of my big brother. We had a stunt group. many people had inspired by us in Comilla my hometown. I also have many Stunt videos in the YouTube. I left my stunt life 2015 for many injuries.

From childhood I am fond of programming. Sir Bill Gates is my inspiration. Also I am a web developer. I have made social site called EYONAA. I have got natural talent about Computer Science.

Currently I am involved with a newspaper from 2 February 2019. Which is the name of Shahoshi Kontho (Bengali: সাহসী কণ্ঠ). The Daily Newspaper of Comilla, Bangladesh. Reason for being a Journalist, My cousin Raihan Khan is the Editor and Publisher of this newspaper. That's why I'm Co-editor and publisher of this newspaper.

Salman Miah can help for any kind of problem of virtual life. Salman Miah is the Founder of EYONAA. I will always grateful to him.

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